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2007 FCPUG NAB SuperMeet Magazine (PDF Edition)

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What's inside the 92 pages?

  • The FCP Phenomenon by Rick Young
    How the FCP Movement grew into a Worldwide Phenonenom
  • Editors Shopping List by Noah Kadner
    What kind of Final Cut Pro system should I get?
  • FCP Top 5 Feature Requests by Sharon Franklin, Lisa Brenneis, Nick Meyers, Kevin Monahan, Angus Wall, Shane Ross, Walter Murch, Tom Wolsky, Ned Stoltz
    We asked nine editors and FCP gurus if they had 5 feature requests for a future version of Final Cut Pro, what would their top five be and why. some of the requests are surprising but many are probably your top five too.
  • iRevolucion (Simplemente Enchants Mexico with FCP) by Noah Kadner
    Mexico City Digital Production House and Apple VAR, Simplemente enchants Mexico with Final Cut Pro
  • The Death of the Rabbit is in the future - by Gary Adcock
    Many of the things learned in the DV era no longer apply in the process of HD Post
  • Automatic Delivery of Work- in-progress to Clients - by Philip Hodgetts
    How to use a RSS feed as a convenient, automatic way to deliver revisions of a work in progress automatically to a client via iTunes (or other podcast catcher).
  • Voice Over Slipping - by Steve Martin
    In this QuickTip, Steve Martin will show you a time-saving technique for keeping your narrations or voice overs on the same track while maintaining a consistent voice over duration.
  • Clip Collisions - by Andrew Balis
    One of the most common scenarios that every Final Cut editor will run into at one point or another is a clip collision.
  • Jelly Time:Designing Buttons for DVD Studio Pro - by Christopher Phrommayon
    The client wants motion menu buttons that not only look like jellyfish, but also act like them in transparency and fluorescence. Using Adobe Photoshop, we'll design a jellyfish button that is semi-transparent, and glows when selected.
  • Cutting HDV on a MacBook Pro - by Aidria Astravas
    A common question many editors ask is whether to purchase a laptop or desktop when working with HDV footage.
  • Worldwide Listing of Apple Accredited Training Centers
  • Worldwide Listing of FCP User Groups

Register and Download the SuperMeet Magazine FREE by clicking HERE. (8.1 MGBs)
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