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2008 FCPUG NAB SuperMeet Magazine (PDF Edition)

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2008 FCPUG SuperMag

What's inside the 100 pages?

  • Final Cut Pro Timeline by Rick Young
    When historians look back at the history of editing there will be before Final Cut Pro and after Final Cut Pro.
  • The Long Road to Final Cut by Michael Horton
    Fcp creator Randy Ubillos speaks to Michael Horton about the long and crooked road leading up to Final Cut Pro 1.0
  • Whatsagoin'on at NAB? by Keith Larsen
    On November 13, 2007 news out of Tewksbury, Massachusetts rocked the digital production world. On February 7, 2008 news out of Cupertino, California dropped another bomb on the desktop video public/ Whatsagoin'on?
  • Increasing Efficiency In The Browser by Andrew Balis
    In this article, we'll look at a few basic things about working in the Browser that can help to simplify tasks, make it easier to keep certain material closely at your fingertips, modify multiple clip properties together, and as a result, increase your efficiency.
  • Delivering Web Video to iPhone by Christopher Phrommayon
    The iphone is a great device for watching video on-the-go, but delivering video content to the iphone can be a bit of a challenge.
  • Mexico Goes To China by Noah Kadner
    Simplemente embarked on its most ambitious project yet, a complete post-production solution for Televisa's coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.
  • Transcoding for Editing on the Road by Shane Ross
    The Situation. You are editing a 1080i DVCPRo HD (or HDV, or ProRes) project on your nice big Final Cut Pro system. While this is a small project, you have a tight deadline and are putting in long hours to meet it. Suddenly you find that you have to travel across the country for business that will keep you away from that system for Four days.
  • The Power of Attributes by Larry Jordan
    Allow me to introduce a powerful tool: Paste Attributes.
  • Perfect Drop Shadows in Title 3D by Jim Kanter
    Tutorials on powerful keyboard shortcuts and really cool effects? Very sexy. Drop
    Shadows? About as unsexy as you can get.
  • Creating a Cool Title Sequence Using Photoshop, After Effects and
    Final Cut Pro
    by Alan Spaulding
    When I was growing up I always wanted to be a "Special Effects Technician."
  • Creating the Snatch Effect by Aidria Astravas
    You ever need a funky, creative way to quickly introduce more than one
    character in your introduction, and lower thirds or VO are making you yawn?
  • Ending Timecode and Watermarks by Tom Wolsky
    I have frequently found myself with long layovers or delays at airports sitting in an Admirals
    Club editing on a laptop and a couple of FireWire drives. An important factor in being able to
    do this is to be able to deliver to the client a video file that can be viewed with timecode so
    that an exact discussion can be had about the content.
  • Adding Accents and Other Symbols in Final Cut Pro by Andrew Balis & Steve Martin
    Sometimes you are faced with having to type a foreign name or location when working with the US keyboard
    layout. Here we'll look at using the OS X Character Palette to add characters like: é or ü or any type of accent
    over a letter, other related and non-related symbols, webdings and a host of different images.
  • Introduction to Apple Color FX Nodes by Walter Biscardi Jr.
    The Color FX Room really sets Apple's Color apart from any other color correction tool
    on the Mac. But if you've never worked with Nodes before, it can be a very intimidating
    room. Here's a very basic introduction to working with Nodes.
  • Video Forensics - How to Tell What Went Wrong Before it Got to You! by Philip Hodgetts
    Now, we know it's not your fault, but sometimes you get footage that comes in from
    somewhere else and it doesn't look "right". It's your job to work with the footage,
    but it's flawed. What do you tell the content source about what's wrong with the
    footage, and what a better workflow might have been. Like neurosurgery, we can
    learn a lot from what goes wrong, in order to make it better next time.
  • Breaking the Speed Limit by Noah Kadner
    My friends Rune Hansen and Monica Reina at Simplemente in Mexico City recently
    acquired a Phantom HD Digital Cinema camera from Vision Research. We got to shoot
    a bunch of slow- motion footage and then worked with it in Final Cut Pro to create
    demo reels for theatrical projection. We needed to accomplish all of this in the space of
    about 48 hours.
  • Can a Podcast Earn You an Honest Buck by Keith Larsen
    Most people would say "no". The virtual ware- house chock full of podcasting programming
    in iTunes or other aggregator choices is bursting at the seams with content. Who to choose?
    What's the difference? What makes your show worth more than another for warranting ad-
    vertising revenue from corporate sponsorship?

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